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(Oct 8 – 11), Las Vegas

Elevate patient experience and care coordination with Tredence’s AI-Powered analytics solutions

The use of AI-powered analytics has become essential in modern healthcare, as it has a direct impact on patient care coordination, leading to better outcomes. Our technology provides extensive patient data across all points of care, enabling healthcare organizations to gain valuable insights into coverage trends, risk stratification metrics, and projections. This empowers them to prioritize and implement significant improvements in the patient’s experience, while reducing the cost of care.

Discover how we can assist your organization in seamlessly adopting AI and ML, optimizing data management, predictive analytics, and embracing data-driven care delivery systems, all through an accelerator-based model.

Healthcare Solutions

Total Care

Comprehensive care management solution


Driving and measuring better performance through healthcare data analytics

Care management platform

Using predictive analytics to improve patient experience


Optimizing patient engagement through AI hyper-personalized outreach

Healthcare Services

  • Data engineering and platform modernization
  • Interoperability and healthcare data standards (FHIR, HL7)
  • Customized healthcare analytics solutions
  • Supply chain control tower and traceability
  • Sustainability Solutions

The Tredence advantage

  • Speed to Value  
  • Actionable Insights 
  • Measurable Impact 
  • Localized Healthcare Models

Discover the power of data-driven healthcare!